Non-permanent Tattoos

Non-Permanent Tattoos are pre-made, non-toxic, applied with water, and last 3-7 days or may be easily removed with oil. We have a huge assortment of 400+ tattoos-the largest collection in the area! Every style imaginable. We have organized display boards for your guests to choose from. We can apply up to 50 per hour per artist. An excellent choice anytime, especially Pool Parties, large group events, hot summer days. Very popular with all ages, sure to be a hit at your event!

Glitter Tattoos

We use only safe, FDA approved, Cosmetic Glitter and adhesives which are made for use on the skin. Glitter Tattoos are a new craze in Body Art! Painlessly applied, they are waterproof and will last up to a week and can still look great- or they can be easily removed, when desired, with oil. Our Artists can apply up to 25 per hour. We offer over 100 choices of designs, including Halloween and Christmas, and many colors of glitters. Custom Designs available.

A BIG hit with Teens AND Adults!

Henna Tattoos

For our events, after applying the Henna, we sprinkle with cosmetic glitter to add an immediate festive touch.

With proper care, the Henna Tattoos can last up to 3 weeks. Keep the area moisturized and avoid chlorine.